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I Do Not Have All the Rights I Want


A block of text listing many of the rights sought by the Suffrage Movement. The first word, "I," is an ornately decorated dropcap. The postcard reads:…

I'll Get that Vote Yet!!!


[Image: An exasperated girl with a torn dress and disheveled hair. The text below the image reads: "I'll Get That Vote Yet!"]; Drawing

"Great Suffrage Demonstration"


Miss Hissy addresses a meeting of the goose's Social and Political Union - "Every proper goose should have her own propagander."; 9x14 cm; color;…

"Sir, Will Women ever have Votes? -- "Wait and See!"


[Image: Posed photograph of a woman pointing out a newspaper article to a man who shakes his finger at her. ];

"Sermons in Stones! Give me a vote or--"


Image: Very masculine suffragette with her hair in a bun and a Tyrolean hat swinging a "Votes for Women" stone in a sling.