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wellman bar.jpg
[Image: Three suffragettes with top hats stand at a bar. Another suffragette serves them. The text above the image reads, "The Suffragette Bar." The text below the image reads, "Nothing but ice cream and pretzels. Oh! Joy!"]; 9x14cm; print.

wellman hubby.jpg
[Image: A husband holds his crying baby. The text above the image reads: "THE SUFFRAGETTE HUBBY." The text below the image reads: "HUSH MY LITTLE BABY – PAPA'S LITTLE PET! MA'S OUT LOOKIN' FOR HER
RIGHTS - MA'S A SUFFRAGETTE."]; 9x14 cm; print.

wellman enemy.jpg
[Image: A woman stands with a bow tied to her whip. She has a hat and bows in her hair. The text beside the image reads, "GENERALESS OF THE ARMY." The text below the image reads, "IF YOU WERE THE ENEMY WOULD YOU FALL FOR THIS?]; 9x14 cm; print.

Wellman hand.jpg
[Image: A fashionable woman sporting a Gibson Girl hairstyle holds out her left hand which is grotesquely large. The lines on her hand are also highly visible. She is winking.] 9x14cm; Print

[Image: A woman dressed in a fashionable postal worker outfit opens a letter she is delivering. She sports an exaggerated hairstyle. She leads a small dog on a leash. The caption reads "Would you trust your wife as letter carrier? Honest, would…

walter wllman misstaffy.jpg
[Image: A matronly woman is alone on the print facing outward. She is dressed well, with Gibson Girl hair and hat. She is holding a broom that crosses her body left to right. At the top of the card is, "The Suffragette." At the bottom is, "Our…

[Image: Three women are at a bar facing a fourth woman. All are dressed well and colorfully. They are sporting Gibson Girl hairstyles topped with undersized hats and hatpins. The card is titled: The Suffragette Bar. In the background at the right…
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