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Those who ask shant have, Those who dont
ask dont want

Just by way of-2-Children.jpg
[Image: A husband with a sad expression is stilling in a chair in his robe, pajamas and slippers. A young girl with a blue bow in her hair is spilling milk out of a bowl and onto his right foot. A young boy is pulling hard on the belt of his robe…

Just by way of-3-Woman at Man's feet.jpg
[Image: A fashionably dressed woman with an up-do decorated with a black hair bow is on her knees proposing to a man. He is dressed in a black suit and seated in a red, upholstered chair. His pose is feminized, with a hand at his mouth and the…

[Image: On the top third of this vertical postcard a girl is standing next to a woman with white hair. The girl is looking at the woman while the woman looks at a portrait of a man in suit and cravat. Under the portrait is a plant stand with a…

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