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Alva E. Belmont
Post card of formal portrait, Alva Belmont, full-length, standing, facing forward, wearing wide-brimmed hat, fur-trimmed jacket, and holding large fur muff.

Emmeline Pankhurst
Emmeline Pankhurst, in furs at center, on her speaking tour in United States, 191[3]. Lucy Burns is to the left.

Photograph of Lucy Burns (left), in coat and hat, and Emmeline Pankhurst (center), wearing feathered hat, fur stole, and fur muff,…

Women Representing Foreign Countries Suffragette's Parade
Image of women in various ethnic dress marching in a parade while crowds of people watch. Striped awnings in background and lamp post in foreground.

On verso: Foreign nations contingent at Suffrage Parade, Mar. 3, 1913.

Mrs. Jessie Hardy Stubbs
Mrs. Jessie Hardy Stubbs, later Mrs. Benton Mackaye, also known as "Betty" MacKaye.

Three-quarter portrait of Jessie Hardy [MacKaye] facing camera, in light-colored suit, hand in pocket, wearing hat. Autographed in ink "Love and greetings from…

Votes for Women. First prize in Vineland, New Jersey parade.
Postcard image of women and girls wearing suffrage sashes riding on a "Votes for Women" float pulled on street by horses, American flag on the back of the float.

Postcard addressed to: Miss Alice Paul, 1420 F St. N.W., Washington, D.C.,…

Votes for Women
Postcard image of women and girls wearing sashes in a wagon pulled by horses.

Postcard addressed to: Miss Lucy Burns, 1420 F St., N.W., Washington, D.C.

Message on verso of item: "Yours in regard to Rules Com. received. This is just to assure…

Reception to U.S. Senate Petitioners
Postcard image of people driving cars, tops-down, through a field.

Miss Julia Marlowe
Miss Julia Marlowe of New York, the well known actress, is one of the prominent members of the Advisory Council of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage.

Head-and-shoulders portrait of actress Julia Marlowe, hair loose, facing…

Miss Ida A. Craft
Miss Ida A. Craft as she tramped from New York City to Albany - on the hike for woman suffrage.

Portrait, Ida A. Craft, full-length, standing, facing right with head turned toward camera, wearing cape, hat, and gloves, and holding a walking stick…

College section of Suffrage Parade
Postcard image of women in caps and gowns in street. Banners read "Bryn Mawr," "Vassar," and "Wellesley."
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