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No Votes Thank You
The Appeal of Womanhood

[Image: This postcard, captioned 'The Appeal of Womanhood', was designed by Harold Bird to announce an anti-suffrage meeting at the Royal Albert Hall organised by the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage. The central…

Suffragette Procession


[Image: Photographic postcard depicting the Suffragette demonstration of October 7th 1911. In the background of the image can be seen the banner 'Taxation without…

Edith Craig
[Image: Postcard with photographic portrait of Edith Craig. Craig was actress Ellen Terry's illegitimate daughter. She worked in the theatre as an actress, director and costumier. Craig belonged to a number of suffrage societies and sold the Women's…

For Votes for Women
For Votes for Women
Katherine Manson. March 1909.

[Image: Photographic portrait of Katharine Gatty (1870-1952) in prison dress sewing. Beneath is hand written 'For Votes for Women Katherine Manson. March 1909'. There is a handwrittten message on…

Home, Sweet Home
Striking examples of a suffragette's "HOME" if they have any home.

[Produced as propaganda for the anti-women's suffrage campaign. This example of anti-suffragette 'hate mail' was sent to the headquarters of the Women's Social and Political Union…

VOTES FOR WOMEN: Miss Adela Pankhurst
Votes for Women
Organiser, National Women's Social and Political Union

"This is our first task"
Deep rooted prejudice
Votes for women
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