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Written on back: During Suffrage Parade [Crowd at Suffrage Parade March 3, 1913, Washington, D.C.]

[Image: A masculine woman stands smoking by her bicycle while wearing golfing knickers with a golf bag slung over her shoulder. The text on the bottom reads, "Emancipated!"] Color; 9x14cm; Print




[Image: From the end of September 1909, forcible feeding was the common practice of dealing with hunger-striking suffragettes who were protesting against the government’s refusal to recognise them…

You're doing everything you can
To be a "take off" on a man
You succeed in the "take off"
Most everything's gone
Except your complexion
That's all "put on".

[Image: A man is being kicked out of a brick building by seven women who are portrayed as old or unattractive, or both. All are wearing boots and plain dresses. The main female character is wearing a "Votes for Woman" button and on the bottom of…

All for the Cause

[Image: It draws attention to the organized breaking of shop windows. Fighting with the police was a particular favorite of the commercial publishers. This usually involved presenting the suffragettes as either ineffective and…

Here's to Women's Rights 1.jpg
Here's to
Women's Rights!
When she's right, she right right,
When she's right wrong, she's right;
If she gets her rights,
right well we know
Right where the men folks
all will go.

[Image: Embossed die-cut card in the shape of and with a…
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