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[Image: A young boy is angrily pushing a pram with a crying baby. The boy is dressed in an orange and black checkered cap, a red and black striped, long-sleeved shirt that almost resembles a prison uniform, brown knicker-boxers, black socks and…

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I hear that everyone of note, <br />
Soon will cast the suffrage vote.
[Image: A sketch of cupid or a cherub sitting on a stool while talking into a telephone. The caption is "I hear that everyone of note, Soon will cast the suffrage vote."] 9x14cm; Print

[Image: A sketch of a fashionable woman with the phrase "Bryan's my man -- Who's yours?" underneath. Printed on a cream-colored card. Likely produced in support of William Jennings Bryan who used suffrage as a platform during his third bid for…

[Image: A photograph of Rhoda Palmer seated in a rocking chair. The text below the image reads: "Miss Rhoda Palmer, Born 1815. One of the five living signers of the Declaration of Sentiments at the first Woman Suffrage Convention, Seneca Falls,…
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