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The House that man built – suffragettes of note.jpg
This is "THE HOUSE" that man built,
And these are the Suffragettes of note
Determined to fight for their right to vote,
For they mean to be, each one an M.P.
And they'll keep their vow some fine day you'll see,
For the Suffragette is determined…


The thing that really gets your goat
Is how you think you'll get the vote
By Standing as a sample show
Of "government by petticoat."

Birth Announcement.jpg
[Image: A stork is sticking his head through a window on the right-hand side of the card. In his beak is a adultized child with a brass bell in her right hand and a Votes for Women placard in her left hand. She is wearing a yellow hat with big red…

Did I save my country for this.jpg
[Image: Three suffragette women are at the left of the card approaching President George Washington intently. One is holding a sign that reads, "Women for Votes," the furthers to the left appears to be holding an oversized, white, pipe. The woman…

Happy Easter.jpg
[Image: On the right side of this horizontal postcard is a young woman in a ruffled dress, white stockings, black dress shoes and an Easter bonnet with flowing ribbons. She is carrying a hatbox in her right hand (to denote that the bonnet is new),…

Rather kiss her.jpg
I'd rather kiss her, than hear her talk.

[Image: This card, is part of a twelve-card series, featuring children, illustrated by Indiana artist Cobb Shinn. The illustration features a girl speaking on a soap box as a boy wearing a sailor suit looks…
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