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Companions in Disgrace.jpg
Companions in Disgrace
Convicts and Women kindly note,
Are not allowed to have the vote;
The difference between the two
I will now indicate to you.
When once the harmful man of crime,
In Wormwood Scrubbs has done his time,
He at the poll can…

[Image: On the top third of this vertical postcard a girl is standing next to a woman with white hair. The girl is looking at the woman while the woman looks at a portrait of a man in suit and cravat. Under the portrait is a plant stand with a…

My hero.jpg
[Image: A young girl dressed in a white dress, white ankle socks and black Mary Jane-style shoes is holding out a red heart to a young boy dressed in a red jacket, white collar, white shortpants, red leggings, and black shoes. He has a red and white…

Miss Jane Bell: “Give me a bit of your Franchise
Cake, Johnnie.”
Master Johnnie Bull: “It wouldn’t be good for you.”
Miss Jane Bull: “How can you tell if you won’t let
me try it? It doesn’t hurt those other…

[Image: On this vertical postcard a young woman is standing on a cardboard box. Her image is centered on the card in a very noticeable manner. The girl is fair skinned, blue eyes, red cupid-bow lips, and golden hair is peaking from beneath her…

Woman's sphere facing right.jpg
[Image: A vertical postcard shows a child-like "Betsy Ross" woman sitting in a rocking chair. On her lap lies a patchwork quilt piece. She is threading a needle. On the back of the rocking chair is a red and white doily or crocheted piece. The…

Suffrage First.jpg
[Image: At the top of this vertical postcard is the title "VOTES FOR WOMEN." Below the title is a young boy wearing blue short-pants and a white and blue sailor shirt. His feet are clad in pinkish-white children's shoes and he's wearing white…

I want to speak for myself at the polls.jpg
[Image: A girl in a green period dress reaches out to a boy deep in thought and dressed in a patriotic costume. The text below the image reads, "I want to speak for myself at the polls."]; 9x14cm; print.
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