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Handwritten text on card reads:

Telegram just recd from Albany says “Hearing fixed for Wednesday the 22nd.” Have sent postal to Miss Blatch and shall […] upon you two and I hope three,
M. [...] Chapman

160 Hicks […]

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Edwin Markham to Anne Fitzhugh Miller, accepting appointment to New York State Woman Suffrage Association cooperating legislative committee. Text on card reads:

Yes, friend. Use my name in the ways you propose. Send cards. Great haste!

West New…

Promises active support of suffrage cause:

I just receive your postal notice of a meeting today at 2pm to elect officiate. But it is now too late for me to get to Geneva by 2 o’clock. But you can make your choice without me, and when you can get a…

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Postcard from Heidelberg notes New York suffrage parade favorably reported in Paris Herald.

Postcard from Harriet May Mills to Anne Fitzhugh Miller. On Verso, only partially detached and not scanned: Mills greetings to Anne Fitzhugh Miller and her mother, Elizabeth Smith Miller, prior to sailing from Montreal enroute to Europe
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