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The English Inquisitors Have Revived Torture In Our Prisons

[Image: Pro-suffrage propaganda postcard published by the Suffrage Atelier captioned 'The English Inquisitors Have Revived Torture In Our Prisons'. The caption and image refers to the…

10513-71 London Life. Arrest of a militant suffragette.   Rotary Photo E.C.
Hustle them in, and bustle them in,
Scoop up th’ shriekin’ mob
Who says that “Justice” is going to win
When “the Law” takes up the job?”

Take me back to Palace Yard, Palace Yard, Palace Yard,
That’s where I long to be, with the friends so dear to me;
The tall policeman, smiling, bland, to gently take me by the hand,
For Women’s Rights” anything we will dare; Palace Yard,…

[Image: Printed in color on cream cardstock. Entitled at the top of the postcard THE SUFFRAGETTE JUDGESS. A woman with Gibson Girl hair in judge's robes decorated with a green bow at the neck is looking down at a miniaturized man who is wearing red…

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