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Take me back to Palace Yard, Palace Yard, Palace Yard,
That’s where I long to be, with the friends so dear to me;
The tall policeman, smiling, bland, to gently take me by the hand,
For Women’s Rights” anything we will dare; Palace Yard,…

10513-71 London Life. Arrest of a militant suffragette.   Rotary Photo E.C.
Hustle them in, and bustle them in,
Scoop up th’ shriekin’ mob
Who says that “Justice” is going to win
When “the Law” takes up the job?”

Woman holding a blown-up poster of the front page of The Suffragette with the headline, "An Anti-Shock by James Barr"

[Image: Photographic portrait Miss Edith New. The text below the image reads: "Of the National Women's Social and Political Union. {Peter McNairn, Photographer, Hawi."]; 9x14; print.

[Image: Photographic Portrait of Mrs. Pankhurst Hon. Sec. The text below the image reads: "Women's Social and Political Union & Clement's Inn Hon. Sec."]; 9x14; print.

[Image: Suffragette rolls out dough in her kitchen to bake pastries. The text above the image reads: "The Women's Freedom League, 1, Robert Street, Adelphi." The text below the image reads: "Suffragettes at Home.–(1.) Mrs. Snow Makes Pastry."];…

[Image: Three women with angry expressions on their faces enter a room as one man knocks over a table with a drink and playing cards, another man hides under the table, and the last man runs away. The text below the image reads: "Son help mere man"]…
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