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[Image: Photographic Portrait of Mrs. Pankhurst Hon. Sec. The text below the image reads: "Women's Social and Political Union & Clement's Inn Hon. Sec."]; 9x14; print.

Mrs Pankhurst.jpg
[Image: Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928), Honorary Secretary and later, Honorary Treasurer of the Women's Social and Political Union, ca. 1909.

Emmeline was a charismatic leader and eloquent speaker. By 1913 she had served three prison sentences;…

Emmeline Pankhurst.jpg
[Image: Postcard, printed, cardboard, monochrome photographic studio portrait of Emmeline Pankhurst, seated, head resting on right arm, white border, black test, printed inscription front: 'MRS EMMELINE PANKHURST'.]

Mrs Pankhurst.jpg
National Women's Social and Political Union, 4, Clements Inn, W.C.

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[Image: Photographic postcard of studio portrait of Emmeline Pankhurst, formally dressed in full-length dark dress, standing, facing the camera, next to a table holding an open book (with her left hand resting on book), her right…
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