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[Image: At the top of the postcard a headline reads, "Just by way of a Change." Below that a fashionably dressed woman in a hat is cycling. In the attached wicker-riding carriage is an elegantly dressed man smoking a cigarette. He is wearing a…

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[Image: A fashionably dressed woman with an up-do decorated with a black hair bow is on her knees proposing to a man. He is dressed in a black suit and seated in a red, upholstered chair. His pose is feminized, with a hand at his mouth and the…

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[Image: Two fashionably dressed women are leaning on a bar, drinking alcoholic beverages. A waiter is polishing a martini shaker with a cloth and looking down his nose at the women. The bar is elegantly decorated and there is red carpet. The…

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[Image: A fashionably dressed woman is outside her door attempting to put her house key in the lock. Her husband is leaning out of a window above the door in his pajamas. He has a watch in his hands that reads 5:00. There are two milk cans on the…

This is "THE HOUSE" that man built,
And these are a few of the Ladies of Fame
Anxious to write M.P. after their name,
With each sex on a par, why put up the bar?
For M.P. means either Mama or Papa,
Quoth the sweet Suffragette we're entitled to…

"THE HOUSE" that man built,
And these are the Members who've been sitting late
Coming out arm in arm, from a lengthy debate,
Women and men 'neath the shade of Big Ben
In the Year - well we cannot exactly say when;
But the brave Suffragette very…

THE HOUSE that our Statesmen for years have controlled Ruling the world with mind fearless and bold;
Can Women expect
To rule such a HOUSE.
She that’s afraid of a poor little mouse:
NO! NO!! Suffragette your place in not yet,

AND this is the Suffragette lady of note
Who once used A BRICK for recording her vote,
Who one fine day went
With the fullest intent;
To show the Prime Minister business was meant,
But the bold Suffragette…

AND this is the policeman all tattered and torn
Who wished women voters had never been born,
Who nevertheless
Tho it caused him distress
Ran them all in,
In spite of their dress:
The poor Suffragette

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