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The Suffragette.jpg
The thing that really gets our goat
Is how you think you'll get the vote
By standing as a sample show
Of "government by petticoat."



[Image: Labeled Series No. 767, this card contains a color…

Votes for Women.jpg
"There ain't much 'am in that sandwich, 'Arry."
"No; but there's plenty of mustard."


[Image: A colored photo postcard featuring two men standing on a street corner outside a shop talking, beside a mannish suffragette holding a…

Woman's Rights.jpg
[Image: A masculine-looking woman wearing a hat and glasses holds a book and an umbrella. Text below reads, “Woman’s Rights. If, instead of ranting of Woman’s Rights, / You tried to look after some poor, sickly mites, / And talk of their rights,…

[Image: A masculine suffragette with her hair in a bun and a Tyrolean hat threatening to launch a "Votes for Women" stone in a sling. The text on the behind and below her reads, "Give me a vote or - Sermons in Stones!"] Color; 9x14cm; Print

[Image: Woman standing on bus supporting herself by holding on to a hand strap as men fill in seats around her and read newspapers. The text below the image reads, "Standing Up for Womens Rights" Originally a part of the "Where there is a Woman" and…

[Image: A British Suffragette with unappealing features pointing to an announcement that reads, "for men only." The text above the woman says, "Another Injustice to Women!" One of our site visitors wrote in with this further explanation: "PSA refers…

[Image: A seated woman dressed in the robes of the Speaker of the House of Commons while a another woman stands beside her carrying a ceremonial mace. The postcard is a satirical representation of what women serving in parliament would look like. The…

[Image: A masculine woman stands smoking by her bicycle while wearing golfing knickers with a golf bag slung over her shoulder. The text on the bottom reads, "Emancipated!"] Color; 9x14cm; Print

[Image: Stereotypical elderly suffragette with menacing hatpin, staring eyes, large feet, wearing a hat ribbon and masculine tie in the WSPU colors of purple, white, and green, carries a newspaper billboard with the message "Votes for Women. Our…
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