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[Image: Three women with angry expressions on their faces enter a room as one man knocks over a table with a drink and playing cards, another man hides under the table, and the last man runs away. The text below the image reads: "Son help mere man"]…

[Image: A wife dressed in men's clothing walking away from her husband as he sits on a stool rocking their child in the cradle. The text above the image reads: "Mother's Got The Habit Now."] Color; Print

Suffragists attacking a policeman.jpg

[Image: Postcard is labeled No. 641, and contains a colorful cartoon illustration of one woman restraining a police officer while another woman hits him with an umbrella.

On the verso, the card is addressed…

Ain't it lovely to be married.jpg
Ain't it lovely
to be

[Image: Part of a series of postcards, this card is labeled Series No. 534. The color illustration on the front shows a man scrubbing a floor while his wife stands there holding a rolling pin, her hands on her…

Where are you going to, my pretty Maid?.jpeg
"Where are you going to, my pretty Maid?"
"I'm going a-voting, Sir," she said.
"And who shall you vote for, my pretty Maid?"
That Duck in plus fours, kind sir," she said.

[Image: Illustrator Donald McGill's postcards proved hugely popular with…
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