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Woman. Why can't I have an umbrella too?
Voter. You can't. You ought to stop at home.
Woman. Stop at home indeed! I have my Living to earn.

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Mother. "Please, Mr. Burns, my baby ain't fit to be vaccinated."
John Burns. "No good for you to come here. Where's your husband?"
Mother. "At sea."
John Burns. "Well, be off with you, mothers don't count as parents."

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[Image: A husband with a sad expression is stilling in a chair in his robe, pajamas and slippers. A young girl with a blue bow in her hair is spilling milk out of a bowl and onto his right foot. A young boy is pulling hard on the belt of his robe…

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[Image: Two fashionably dressed women are leaning on a bar, drinking alcoholic beverages. A waiter is polishing a martini shaker with a cloth and looking down his nose at the women. The bar is elegantly decorated and there is red carpet. The…

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[Image: A fashionably dressed woman is outside her door attempting to put her house key in the lock. Her husband is leaning out of a window above the door in his pajamas. He has a watch in his hands that reads 5:00. There are two milk cans on the…

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