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Text on Front of Postcard Reads:

Don't come home late at night. It is bad form. Come home in the morning!

Don't flirt with out girls---while the wife is looking.

Don't object to Ma-in-Law coming to stay with you. Give her TINNED MEAT until…

Woman's rights.jpg
[Image: Three young women and a young man are standing in shallow water. Two of the girls have the boy by the arms. All are smiling. Text below reads, “Woman’s Rights.”]

[Image: A photograph of a woman and man standing together talking. The woman points out a newspaper article to the man who shakes his finger at her. The text beneath the photograph reads: "Sir, Will Women ever have Votes? - 'WAIT and SEE!'"]…

[Image: Lorry, loaded with young men and women in fancy dress, with a handwritten "Votes for Women" sign on side]

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