The Simple Life

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The Simple Life


THE SIMPLE LIFE. – Caravanning: A halt by the wayside.

[Image: Part of a series of postcards created by artist Ernest Ibbetson, entitled "The Simple Life." This card refers to suffrage caravans that took place beginning around 1908, when suffragists would travel across the countryside to lobby for the right to vote. This cartoon illustration shows a suffragette waving a copy of "Votes for Women" at her horse as the horse attempts to break free of the wagon stuck in the water on the side of the road. The book is in Women's Social and Political Union colors of purple, white, and green.

On the verso, the card is address to Miss G. Litterton The Lodge Fingest House Fingest Henley-On-Thames, and postmarked April 12, 1913. The handwritten message reads: "Dear G. / Another p.c. for your album, I hope you are all quite well, as this p.c. leaves me, with love from Annie 14 Bidston Ave. Wallasey"]


Ernest Ibbetson


Ann Lewis Women's Suffrage Collection (Postcards and Stamps),


London: C.W. Faulkner & Co., Ltd.


ca. 1912-1913


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