Equal Suffrage is the Birthright of Woman

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Equal Suffrage is the Birthright of Woman


[Image: A banner, purple on the top half and gold on the bottom half, waves from a wooden staff topped with a gold, dimensional finial that comes to a point. The banner is flying from a pole angled to the left of the card. One gold and one purple streamer wind themselves about the pole. In the center of the banner is a circular seal bordered with purple, then white. On a gold background is an escutcheon with a large, black inkblot with the words, "THE BALLOT IS DENIED TO WOMAN" in white font. In a white, semi-circular banner below the escutcheon, are the words "THE BLOT ON THE ESCUTCHEON." Below the banner is the slogan, "Equal Suffrage is the Birthright of Woman" in black font.] Print. Color on white cardstock. Public. 9x14 cm.


National American Woman Suffrage Association


Catherine H. Palczewski Postcard Archive, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA: http://www.uni.edu/palczews/postcard_archive.html


Grand Rapids, Michigan: The Cargill Co.




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