Pants are made for men, not for women.

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Pants are made for men, not for women.


Pants are made for men,
not for women. Women are
made for men, not for pants.
When a man pants for a
woman and a woman pants
for a man they are a pair of
pants. Such pants don't last.
Pants are like molasses –
they are thinner in hot
weather and thicker in
cold. Men are often mis-
taken in pants such mis-
takes are breeches of
promise. There has
been much discussion
whether pants is
singular or plural.
Seems to us when
men wear pants it is
plural, and when
they don't it is sing-
ular. Men go on a
tear in their pants
and it is all right
when the pants go
on a tear it is all
wrong. If you
want to make
pants last
make the [...]

[Image: Illustration of a woman holding a pair of pants in front of her. The pants contain a satirical statement on the importance of pants to men and to women.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mr. John P. Ward Glasgow Illinois, and postmarked November 1909. The message reads: "Yo amigo:- I pensar yo scribner y! poko esta notches, poko- tempo yo pensar el senerita take y! para el show. / Orren]


Ann Lewis Women's Suffrage Collection (Postcards and Stamps),


New York: Franz Huld Company




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