Governor Hughes' Vetoes

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Governor Hughes' Vetoes


The Real Hughes and Woman's Rights

"ALBANY, NEW YORK, May 29, 1907.
"I return herewith without my approval Senate Bill No. 1212.
"The motive of the present bill is to compel equal pay for men and women holding the same position under any particular schedule of salaries.
"Now without taking up any of the alleged ambiguities of the bill it clearly appears, with respect to this fundamental matter, to be open to serious objection. It is proposed by legislative enactment to establish the proposition that for the work of a given position women shall receive equal pay with men.
"It is for the principle that the supporters of this bill contend and not for mere increased pay.
"I cannot approve this bill." (Signed) "CHARLES E. HUGHES."
Governor Hughes also vetoed a Teachers' Retirement Pension bill for the Public Schools of Schenectady, N.Y.

[Image: In 1907, Charles Evans Hughes, Governor of New York, vetoed a bill to provide equal pay to men and women holding the same position. This card comments on Hughes' veto of the equal pay bill and a teacher's retirement pension bill for the public schools of Schenectady, New York. This card was most likely published as a part of the campaign against his reelection in 1908.]


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