Did I save my country for this!

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Did I save my country for this!


[Image: Three suffragette women are at the left of the card approaching President George Washington intently. One is holding a sign that reads, "Women for Votes," the furthers to the left appears to be holding an oversized, white, pipe. The woman in yellow at the head of the group has her arm raised in a fist. This woman is holding an umbrella in her right hand. President George Washington is sitting in a black chair with a look of pleasant conversation on his face. There is a red-white-and-blue banner ribbon coming from top to bottom in a curving manner, almost framing the past president.] Print. Color. Cardstock. Size 9x14 c.m.

[Image: Part of a series of postcards, this card is labeled Serie 2268. The color illustration shows George Washington seated on one side, speaking to a group of protesting women carrying a "Votes for Women" placard.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Mrs. F.H. Kendall #481 [?] St. Auburn, Maine. The message reads: "With love from [Frank?]]




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