I Do Not Have All the Rights I Want

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I Do Not Have All the Rights I Want


[Image: A block of text listing many of the rights sought by the Suffrage Movement. The first word, "I," is an ornately decorated dropcap. The postcard reads: "I do not have all the rights I want. I want the right to close the mines and mills against the babies and to drive the beaters hired by corporations into a better business. I want the right to put decent and educated men into the offices which shall control the education of my children and the safety of my home. I want the right to legally own my child and my day's wages in every State in the country. I want the right to say what shall be the tariff on the child's shoes, and whether the judge who may condemn me to death shall be a wise man or an ignorant politician. I want the right to protect women and men more unfortunate than myself, and to bring to myself the advantages, blessings, and liberty which are mine under the constitution. I want all the rights which have to do with dignity, power, honor, usefulness, patriotism, citizenship -- and I want them now. Jane."] 14 x 8.2 cm; print


Library of Congress -- Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks






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