I AM NEUTRAL – suffragettes

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I AM NEUTRAL – suffragettes


In the distance two women face each other, pointing in each other’s faces. One holds a banner that says, “Votes for Women”; the other hold a banner that says, “Anti—“; question marks and exclamation points are drawn above them. In the foreground a man with long legs is running away. His hat is flying off his head, and a dog is running away from him. He holds a banner that reads, “I am neutral.”

[Image: Part of a series of postcards, labeled No. 2178, 10 designs, "Neutral" Comic.

Cartoon illustration of a man running away from two women who are arguing. One of the women carries a banner that reads, "Votes for women" while the other carries a banner that reads, "Anti-." The man carries a banner that says, "I am neutral." A dog moves out of the way of the man as he runs.

On the verso, the card is addressed to Miss Marian Patterson Brewster, Kansas, Lock Box 13, and postmarked March 22, 1919. The message reads: "March 21st, 1919 / Troublesome, Colo. / Dear Marian:- / Well I am sending you three different kinds of cards / this one is worst of all but it is the last one I got and believe me it will be the last one for a while of this kind any way. Answer soon. From Pauline."]




Ann Lewis Women's Suffrage Collection (Postcards and Stamps), https://lewissuffragecollection.omeka.net/


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