She's good enough for me!

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She's good enough for me!


[Image: At the top of this vertical postcard is the title "VOTES FOR WOMEN." Below the title is a young boy wearing an Uncle Sam suit--red and white striped pands, blue tuxedo jacket, white cumberband and shirt, and white, children's dress shoes. On his head is an exaggerated top hat sporting a blue band with a row of white stars. He has his hand on either of the little girl's shoulders in gentle manner. The little girl is dressed in a formal, flowered yellow gown and her hair is swept up in a grown-woman's hairstyle and fastened with a large blue bow. In her right hand is a nosegay of flowers. Behind them is a gradiated brown circle that frames the two. Under the children's feet are the words, "She's good enough for me!" in flowing, black font. On the bottom-left corner of the card "EMILY-HALL CHAMBERLIN AFTER THE CARTOON BY HOMER DAVENPORT." On the bottom-right corner is copyright information: "© 1915 CAMPBELL ART CO ELIZABETH N.J. 211."] Print. Full Color on cream cardstock. Public. 14x9 c.m.


Emily Hall Chamberlin, National American Woman Suffrage Association


Catherine H. Palczewski Postcard Archive, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA:

Dr. Joan Iversen: Women's Suffrage Postcards:


New York: National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company
© Campbell Art Company, Elizabeth, New Jersey




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