Think It Over: 14

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Think It Over: 14


[Image: Horizontal white postcard with a waving purple banner that frames all but the top right corner of the card. In the top left of the card is a circular seal bordered thinly in white on the inside and black on the perimeter. Inside the seal is a gold background with an On a escutcheon splattered with a large, black inkblot containing the words, "THE BALLOT IS DENIED TO WOMAN" in white font. In a white, semi-circular banner below the escutcheon, are the words "THE BLOT ON THE ESCUTCHEON." Below the seal in small, black font are the words, "PAT. APPLIED FOR." On the waving banner on the top of the postcard are the words, "THINK IT OVER" in white font. The bottom of the card's purple banner contain the words, "An ounce of persuasion precedes a pound of coercion" in white font. Inside the purple banner-framed area of the card is the question, "Parents have the training of their children’s minds, and it is their sacred duty to rear them, regardless of sex, to believe in EQUAL RIGHTS both socially and politically. Be not afraid to teach JUSTICE." Under the words "be not" in tiny black print are the words, "Copyrighted 1910 by the Cargill Co."] Print. Color on white cardstock. Public. 9x14 c.m.


National American Woman Suffrage Association


Catherine H. Palczewski Postcard Archive, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA:


The Cargill Co.


Grand Rapids, Michigan: 1910


114 Parents have the training.jpg


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