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The Primeval Woman: "Why can't I go out too and see the world?"
The Primeval Man: "Because you can't. Woman's proper sphere is in the Cave."

Let's pull together.jpg
[Image: A girl and a boy pull on a rope together to raise a flag which reads, "Votes for Women." The text below the image reads, "Let's pull together."]; 9x14cm; print.

She's good enough for me.jpg
[Image: A boy in a patriotic costume holds the shoulders and looks at a girl in a large yellow period dress. The text below the image reads, "She's good enough for me!"]; 9x14 cm; print.

Jane Bull: "No women admitted! No wonder the place is in such a state. High time for a good spring clean!"

The nice old gentleman who "wouldn't refuse the ladies anything, bless 'em," but thinks "they are so charming and so irresistable that they can always get their own way so they don't need the Vote!"
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