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[Image: A wife dressed in men's clothing walking away from her husband as he sits on a stool rocking their child in the cradle. The text above the image reads: "Mother's Got The Habit Now."] Color; Print

Jane Bull: "No women admitted! No wonder the place is in such a state. High time for a good spring clean!"

[Image: Woman holds a gold flag while wearing a banner which reads: "Votes for Women."]; 9x14; print.

What chance has a mere man.jpg
[Image: A parade of girls march down the street holding signs with phrases like "Votes for Wimmen" and "Give us the Vote." One girl rides a goat. A boy stand in the foreground gesturing towards the crowd.] 9x14cm; Color; Print

The Modern Shirley.jpg
MR. SYMPSON (JOHN BULL): “Are you a young lady?”
SHIRLEY (GIRL OF THE PERIOD): “I am a thousand times better - I am an honest woman and as such I will be treated.”

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