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2018-2019 RAs

We extend a warm welcome to our 2018-2019 RAs from the University of South Florida!


Calyn Waddington is a MA English Literature student with a focus on gender and sexuality in the Romantic, Gothic, and Victorian British Eras. She also crosses over into creative writing and her work can be seen in upcoming publications such as Hooked on the Art of Love: bell hooks - My Creative Call for Soul Work, and in the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds. You can find her running blogs on Romantic Era creations and Gaming, among her other works, at

Picture Coming!

Jacob Gill is a senior at the University of South Florida. He is studying Literary Studies, Mass Communications, and Russian. When he has spare time, he reads literature, writes fiction, and researches journalism.


Juliana Leon is a senior at the University of South Florida and is studying English Creative Writing and Cell and Molecular Biology. She is passionate about science and how it correlates with literary studies.


Madison Veeneman is a sophomore pursuing a degree in English with a concentration in Literary Studies, as well as a possible second major in social sciences. Her interests include modern literature, Romantic poetry, and 19th century British and American novels. She is also a violinist and dancer.

If you are a USF student interested in working on the SPP, please contact Kristin Allukian in the Department of English.