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Presenting at USF's Research Colloquium

Our SPP Presentation at the
USF Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium

by Lea Minniear, Spring 2017

In spring semester of 2017, Natalie Bohin, Michele True, and I all collaborated on a poster presentation on the Suffrage Postcard Project (SPP) at USF’s Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium. We knew going in that the majority of the presentations and judges were going to be from disciplines outside of the humanities, so we were excited to not only talk about the SPP but also to engage in conversations about feminist digital humanities. Keeping in mind that our humanities project was in the minority, we practiced giving different versions of our presentation for a variety of audiences. This was extremely helpful come the day of the colloquium when some observers asked questions ranging from what is feminism to general questions about the suffrage movement. Although starting a conversation about the SPP on the definition of feminism makes for a longer introduction, it was a great feeling to know that our feminist digital humanities project was a one of a kind in the room.


Pictured Above: The poster that the Spring 2017 SPP team presented at USF's Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium.