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First Data Visualization

A Preliminary Data Visualization
Spring 2018

An early hue-versus-luminosity visualization shows pro-suffrage postcards clustered in the blandest colorization while anti-suffrage postcards have greater luminosity, color and are more visually engaging.

Hue vs Luminosity.png

But it's not the visualization itself that is important; it's what the visualization offers us as researchers: 

Just like in 2018, color printing in the early twentieth century was expensive. Who, in these early decades, had the money to print in color? And was also politically opposed to women’s right to vote? And which publishers were involved in printing these anti-suffrage postcards?

How deep does this ink well go???

If we were to “follow the colored ink,” so to speak, what financial investments in other political causes might we find linked to this investor or group of investors? And what might the answer to this question tell us about the relationship between money and politics in the early twentieth century?