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Podcast on the SPP

Collaboration with DH Grad Students on an SPP Podcast
by Lea Minniear, Spring 2017

At the Undergraduate Research Colloquium, we did get a chance to stretch our DH muscles with an amazing podcast interview conducted by USF graduate students Bianca and Ashley. They are working on a DH project called The Intersection and stopped by the Colloquium to talk with us about our experience with the SPP and feminist digital humanities. It was so rewarding to take the time to talk in depth about our methodology and tagging process as well as how feminist DH has revolutionized the way perceive technology, because as you know – feminism is always intersectional and data is never neutral! Additionally, the podcast was a great chance for each of us to speak on aspects of the project that were most interesting to us. Natalie was able to talk about her fascination of the relationship between fashion and suffrage represented in the postcards, while Michele elaborated on her love of the manipulation of data during the tagging process, all of which gave a more robust feel of the SPP. From the in-depth podcast interview to the broader discussions on feminism with those who passed by, the research colloquium was an amazing experience that left us feeling even more confident about our role as RAs on the project.

We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we enjoyed participating in it!