Votes for Women: Merry Xmas

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Votes for Women: Merry Xmas


[Image: On the left half of this horizontal card is Father Christmas/Santa Clause/St. Nicholas carrying a large pack on his back. Inside the pack three boxes are visible and each one has the words: "VOTES," "FOR," "WOMEN" in green print, all capitalized letters. The words "MERRY XMAS" in a font that appears to be handwriting are printed vertically under Santa's pack. Santa/St. Nick is dressed in his traditional clothing: red suit with white trim, red pointed had with white trim, and boots. This card is a two-color process with reds and greens, so his boots are drawn with green linework. The same with his hair, beard and mustache.] Print. Two-Color Process on cream cardstock, 9x14 cm.


Catherine H. Palczewski Postcard Archive, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA:

Ann Lewis Women's Suffrage Collection (Postcards and Stamps),


ca. 1915-1916


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