White States, Black States

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White States, Black States


Map of United States to show the states with suffrage and states without suffrage

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[Image: Postcard possibly created by the California Equal Suffrage Association. The yellow and black illustration on the recto is a woman holding a "Votes for Women" flag. The rest of the card was left blank.

On the recto, the…

Votes for Women, Ohio Next!
Colorado Washington
Utah Idaho

Votes for Women
Ohio Next!

[Image: This postcard urges support for a coming (unsuccessful) campaign by the Ohio Woman Suffrage Association to ratify a state constitutional amendment granting…

Votes for Women: "California Next"
[Image: The image is of a woman in a yellow hat and dress. she is holding a pole with a yellow banner attached to it. The banner states: Votes for Women. Underneath this banner is the the text, "California Next, For Address Only." Underneath this…

Votes for Women a Success: North America Proves it
The Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba extended full suffrage to their women in 1916. Ontario gave them full suffrage in March, 1917.

How long will the Republic of the United States lag behind the Monarchy…

Let New York be Next
Let New York be Next: Let New York Be Next - Vote for the Woman Suffrage Amendment, November 6, 1917

[Image: The suffrage map on a postcard from the successful 1917 campaign for an amendment to the New York State Constitution granting full…

Vote for Woman Suffrage
Women Vote in the White States – Why Not In Our State?
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