Votes for Women a Success: North America Proves it

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Votes for Women a Success: North America Proves it


The Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba extended full suffrage to their women in 1916. Ontario gave them full suffrage in March, 1917.

How long will the Republic of the United States lag behind the Monarchy of Canada?

[Image: This is picture postcard sent by Elizabeth Potter to Mrs. B.J. Cunningham. On the picture side of the postcard is a color-coded map of the states in the US that either supported male suffrage only (yellow states) or total suffrage including suffrage for women (black states), saying that Canada supported total suffrage completely and when will the US do the same in all states? On the back side is a note from Elizabeth Potter to Mrs. B.J. Cunningham, saying that she is at Lake Placid and should be ready to work more on the Federal Amendment in October.]


Elizabeth H. Potter


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