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Mrs. Pankhurst


[Image: Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928), Honorary Secretary and later, Honorary Treasurer of the Women's Social and Political Union, ca. 1909.

Emmeline was a charismatic leader and eloquent speaker. By 1913 she had served three prison sentences; two in 1908 for leading a deputation to Parliament, and for inciting the public to 'rush' the House of Commons. In the wake of the window smashing of March 1912, she was sentenced to nine months in prison for conspiracy to commit damage.

This photograph was distributed on a postcard and shows her wearing the 'Holloway Badge' at her throat. The badge; an arrow of purple, white and green enamel mounted on a portcullis was desgned by her daughter, Sylvia, and was awarded to suffragettes who had been imprisoned for their involvement in the campaign.]


Martin Jacolette


Clement's Inn, London: National Women's Social and Political Union


ca. 1909


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