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[Image: A photograph of Rhoda Palmer seated in a rocking chair. The text below the image reads: "Miss Rhoda Palmer, Born 1815. One of the five living signers of the Declaration of Sentiments at the first Woman Suffrage Convention, Seneca Falls,…

[Image: A poster advertising concert. The text read, "A Grand Members Concert will shortly be given in the House of Commons, Admission by Insurance Card. Programme: Mr. McKenna will sing: I am the softest of the family. By kind permission of the…

Votes for Women," Mrs. Despard, Hon. Treasurer, Women's Freedom League; 14x9 cm

National Women's Social and Political Union

[Image: Photographic portrait of Mrs. Sylvia E. Pankhurst, an English campaigner for the suffrage movement] 9x14 cm; Print.

[Image: A quotation by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The text reads: "It is a very cheap with that finds it so droll that a woman should vote. If the wants, the passions, the vices, are allowed a full vote, through the hands of a half-brutal, intemperate…

[Image: Photographic Portrait of Mrs. Pankhurst Hon. Sec. The text below the image reads: "Women's Social and Political Union & Clement's Inn Hon. Sec."]; 9x14; print.
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