A Grand Members Concert

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A Grand Members Concert


[Image: A poster advertising concert. The text read, "A Grand Members Concert will shortly be given in the House of Commons, Admission by Insurance Card. Programme: Mr. McKenna will sing: I am the softest of the family. By kind permission of the Suffragettes. Mr. Lloyd George will perform some of his celebrated sleight-of-hand tricks, including his sensational illusion: "Insurance." (Prudentially assisted by Horatio Bottomley.) In full view of the audience Mr. L. George will produce 9 Coppers (in plain clothes) from 4. Mr. John Redmond will sing Home Sweet Home-Rule. Mr. Asquith will (before singing) Wait & See if there are any Suffragettes about. Mr. Bonar Law will sing "Anchored." Sir Rufus Isaacs & Mr. Lloyd George will sing a duet (in 2 shares) entitled: Oh! Oh! Marconio. Accompanied on a Wireless Piano. Mr. Winston Churchill will recite "How Bill Adams won the Battle of Sidney Street." Mr. Kier Hardie will conclude with "God Save the King."] Color; 14x9 cm; Print


The Printeries, Gorton Lane, Manchester, S.E.





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