Don'ts for Young Husbands

Dublin Core


Don'ts for Young Husbands


Text on Front of Postcard Reads:

Don't come home late at night. It is bad form. Come home in the morning!

Don't flirt with out girls---while the wife is looking.

Don't object to Ma-in-Law coming to stay with you. Give her TINNED MEAT until she dies off.

Don't dine at the Club more than 7 days in the week.

Don't forget to take plenty of holidays. It is your duty to keep yourself in good health.

Don't take in male lodgers who are better looking than yourself. Trouble is sure to follow.

Don't buy a Sandow's Developer or your wife may want to use it.

Don't pop out to see a man about a dog more than 12 times in a single day.

Don't let your wife become a suffragette or there are bad times in store for you.

Don't buy your wife a new hat more than 6 times a week.

P.S. Old Husbands may do as they please.




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