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Where are you going to, my pretty Maid?.jpeg
"Where are you going to, my pretty Maid?"
"I'm going a-voting, Sir," she said.
"And who shall you vote for, my pretty Maid?"
That Duck in plus fours, kind sir," she said.

[Image: Illustrator Donald McGill's postcards proved hugely popular with…

Man wearing woman's hat and shawl peering into a window. Under the window, the words "Votes for Women" is scrawled on the wooden door.

The Woman's Suffrage.jpg
THIS is how it
will be when
the Woman's
Suffrage get in

[Image: Drawing of an angry man wearing patched and ripped clothing. His suspenders and collar are unfastened, and he looks over his shoulder to examine a tear in his sleeve. ]

As soon as I find a Woman Suffragist.jpg
As soon as I find a
Who is not afraid
of Mice
I'll join the
and cry = = = = =
"Votes for

[Image: Anti-suffrage postcard. The front has gold lettering, with a different color for each capital letter,…

World War I era anti-suffrage cartoon showing two women kissing

This cartoon uses its iconography to present a dangerous “slippery slope,” using thinly veiled references to lesbianism to stoke fears of male emasculation, playing on the social…

Suffrage Cornell U. Spring Day banner w 'WIM-ENZ VOTZ! ', dishwashing on either side, ' Dr. Anna P-Shaw ' in front, female cop & sign ' Cuss, Wimmen, Cuss! ' surround her, cross-dressers.

The Suffragette – cupid.jpg
You may think it fun, poor Cupid to snub,
With the hand of a Suffragette,
But he’s cunning and smart, aye, there’s the rub
Revenge is the trap he will set.

[Image: Postcard with a Valentine's Day theme, also known as a "penny…

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