This Ain't No Man's Job

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This Ain't No Man's Job


[Image: A young boy is angrily pushing a pram with a crying baby. The boy is dressed in an orange and black checkered cap, a red and black striped, long-sleeved shirt that almost resembles a prison uniform, brown knicker-boxers, black socks and grey/black boots. The baby is dressed in a pink dress with a matching bonnet. There are ruffles on her bonnet. She also has white tights and black shoes. Beneath the two children is the caption "This ain't no man's job." Above the "T" in the caption is "031-2" in small, fine text.] Public. Print. Color on cream cardstock. 9x14 cm.


Palczewski, Catherine H. Postcard Archive. University of Northern Iowa. Cedar Falls, IA.


This Ain't No Man's Job.jpg


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