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[Image: A young boy is angrily pushing a pram with a crying baby. The boy is dressed in an orange and black checkered cap, a red and black striped, long-sleeved shirt that almost resembles a prison uniform, brown knicker-boxers, black socks and…

WIFE: "Sir, can you help me, my husband earns 30/- a week and only gives me 5/- for food for myself and children." LAW: "I cannot help you my good woman, you husband need only keep you alive, that is one of the laws of England."

[Image: Suffragette rolls out dough in her kitchen to bake pastries. The text above the image reads: "The Women's Freedom League, 1, Robert Street, Adelphi." The text below the image reads: "Suffragettes at Home.–(1.) Mrs. Snow Makes Pastry."];…

[Image: A suffragette, Mrs. M. Toscan Bennett, and her two daughters stand in front of a Votes for Women banner in Connecticut.]; 9x14cm; print.

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[Image: Kewpie dolls dressed in yellow outfits march in a line. The kewpie doll in front carries a yellow banner emblazoned with the phrase "Votes for Our Mothers"] Print

Rights of Women.jpg
Mother. "Please, Mr. Burns, my baby ain't fit to be vaccinated."
John Burns. "No good for you to come here. Where's your husband?"
Mother. "At sea."
John Burns. "Well, be off with you, mothers don't count as parents."
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