United Equal Suffrage States of America: Idaho

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United Equal Suffrage States of America: Idaho


[Image: An American flag with four stars at each of the corners of the blue square at the top left of the flag, waves. It is flying from a gold flagpole topped with a gold finial that comes to a point. Two gold braided cords that end in tassles wave from the left side of the flagpole and around a circular emblem which appears to have a red 'U", blue "S", and White "E" and "S" wound around each other on a gold background. The emblem has a black border. The top of the card contains the words, "UNITED EQUAL SUFFRAGE STATES OF AMERICA" centered. To the right of the flag are the words, "IDAHO 1896 THE FOURTH STATE TO ENTER." The bottom of the card reads, "THE UNION OF STATES AS THEY OUGHT TO BE." All of the words printed on the card are in black font. Card is horizontal.] Print. Color on white cardstock. Public. 9x14 c.m.


National American Woman Suffrage Association


Catherine H. Palczewski Postcard Archive, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA: http://www.uni.edu/palczews/postcard_archive.html


Grand Rapids, Michigan: The Cargill Co.




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