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[Image: A masculine woman stands smoking by her bicycle while wearing golfing knickers with a golf bag slung over her shoulder. The text on the bottom reads, "Emancipated!"] Color; 9x14cm; Print

The man who thinks that "women have no right to Vote because they can't defend their Country."

The nice old gentleman who "wouldn't refuse the ladies anything, bless 'em," but thinks "they are so charming and so irresistable that they can always get their own way so they don't need the Vote!"

We have all we want, no votes for women

While in the act of voting, Mrs. Jones remembers that she has left a cake in the oven!

Women's Freedom League
1 Robert Street Adelphi London, W C

As University Lecturer - In H.M. Prison Holloway
Hon. Sec. of the Women's Social and Political Union

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