"Just by way of a Change": 2

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"Just by way of a Change": 2


[Image: A husband with a sad expression is stilling in a chair in his robe, pajamas and slippers. A young girl with a blue bow in her hair is spilling milk out of a bowl and onto his right foot. A young boy is pulling hard on the belt of his robe and blowing a toy horn at him. The baby girl is on his lap pulling at his mustache while he tries to feed her with a spoon. His wife, fashionably dressed and wearing a hat is smoking on her way out the parlor door and into the hall. In the hall a uniformed maid is hailing a horse-drawn coach for her mistress. A figure of a man is can be seen on the back of the coach. The caption at the bottom reads, "Just by way of a Change."] Print. Color. Cardstock. Size 9x14 cm. Copyright ______.


Palczewski Suffrage Postcard Archive, https://scholarworks.uni.edu/suffrage_images/


London: Birn Brothers, Ltd


ca. 1909


Just by way of-2-Children.jpg


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