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[Image: A sketch of a fashionable woman with the phrase "Bryan's my man -- Who's yours?" underneath. Printed on a cream-colored card. Likely produced in support of William Jennings Bryan who used suffrage as a platform during his third bid for…

[Image: A yellow postcard featuring a fashionable woman sporting a banner with the words "Votes for Women."] Color; Print
A transcript of the message, written by Mrs. Mary T. Lewis Garnett to Anne Fitzhugh Miller, follows: "It's fine -- admirably…

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Photograph of women in sight-seeing car "Buffalo" in front of DAR building, Memorial Continental Hall, Washington, DC],

Then put your shields before your hearts, and fight with hearts more proof than shields.

Jane Bull: "No women admitted! No wonder the place is in such a state. High time for a good spring clean!"
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