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[Image: A sketch of a fashionable woman with the phrase "Bryan's my man -- Who's yours?" underneath. Printed on a cream-colored card. Likely produced in support of William Jennings Bryan who used suffrage as a platform during his third bid for…

[Image: Woman standing on bus supporting herself by holding on to a hand strap as men fill in seats around her and read newspapers. The text below the image reads, "Standing Up for Womens Rights" Originally a part of the "Where there is a Woman" and…

[Image: A man in all black businesss attire stops on the sidewalk to tie his shoe as he smokes a pipe. The text on the bottom reads, "There are things that even a suffragette cannot do."] Color; 9x14cm; Print

WIFE: "Sir, can you help me, my husband earns 30/- a week and only gives me 5/- for food for myself and children." LAW: "I cannot help you my good woman, you husband need only keep you alive, that is one of the laws of England."

The Parliamentary Candidate who thinks "that the women would be sure to Vote for the handsomest man!"

The gentleman who thinks that women ought not to work, and therefore under-pays his typist.

The man who thinks that "women have no right to Vote because they can't defend their Country."

The nice old gentleman who "wouldn't refuse the ladies anything, bless 'em," but thinks "they are so charming and so irresistable that they can always get their own way so they don't need the Vote!"

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