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I am neutral.jpg
In the distance two women face each other, pointing in each other’s faces. One holds a banner that says, “Votes for Women”; the other hold a banner that says, “Anti—“; question marks and exclamation points are drawn above them. In the foreground a…

[Image: Three women with angry expressions on their faces enter a room as one man knocks over a table with a drink and playing cards, another man hides under the table, and the last man runs away. The text below the image reads: "Son help mere man"]…

What chance has a mere man.jpg
[Image: A parade of girls march down the street holding signs with phrases like "Votes for Wimmen" and "Give us the Vote." One girl rides a goat. A boy stand in the foreground gesturing towards the crowd.] 9x14cm; Color; Print

Life's little tragedies.jpg
[Image: A narrative in three panels. In the first, a fashionable woman is courted by a nervous, well-dressed man; the caption reads "Fairy." In the second, the same couple, now married, walks arm in arm as they begin their domestic life. The husband…

Monkey 1.jpg
Don't Monkey with
"Woman's rights"
or you might find yourself
doing something like this.

Speaker of the House.jpg
[Image: Printed in color on cream cardstock. A fashionably dressed woman with a Gibson Girl hairstyle is holding a broom and appears to be haranguing her miniaturized husband. He is dressed in striped pants, jacket, top hat and patent leather shoes.…

I told you so 1.jpg
[Image: Color on cream cardstock, printed vertically. Entitled THE SUFFRAGETTE. A fashionably dressed woman with a large Gibson Girl hairstyle and a tiny hat with oversized feather and hatpin is looking at a post on a wall. In the background is a…

Just by way of-2-Children.jpg
[Image: A husband with a sad expression is stilling in a chair in his robe, pajamas and slippers. A young girl with a blue bow in her hair is spilling milk out of a bowl and onto his right foot. A young boy is pulling hard on the belt of his robe…
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