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[Image: A young girl in a red dress sits with her legs crossed pouting in a prison cell as she leans on a "Votes for Women" placard. Text below the photo reads, "The Suffragette, Pouting in Prison."] Color; 9x14cm; Photograph

THE SUFFRAGETTE - In the Grip of the Law.jpg
[Image: Postcard, printed, cardboard, polychrome image, white border, blue text, image of a female child held by a policeman on each side in a street, other men and a third policeman in the background, printed inscription front. Manuscript…

The Suffragette proudly goes to glory.jpg
Proudly Goes to – Glory


[Image: Postcard is part of a six-card series entitled "The Suffragette. This card shows an ugly buck-toothed suffragists sticking her head through the bars of the carriage taking her to…

[Image: Printed in color on cream cardstock. Entitled at the top of the postcard THE SUFFRAGETTE JUDGESS. A woman with Gibson Girl hair in judge's robes decorated with a green bow at the neck is looking down at a miniaturized man who is wearing red…

To My Valentine.jpg
To my

When I asked you to be mine
Give me time is all you'd say,
Now that you're a Suffragette
Time you'll get, in Holloway.


[Image: Postcard shows a police officer holding an angry suffragist who is carrying a…
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